Reunion 2012

Reunion Photos  (GREAT PARTY!!)

      The reunion photos are HERE from the photographer for the main event...Enjoy!
      You can add your own photos to share...just send them as an attachment to so they can uploaded.

      Remember to please update your contact information so we can keep you informed of our survey results and future events.

Meet and Greet

      High School Tour 1  High School Tour 2

      Main Event 1  Main Event 2   Main Event 3  Main Event 4   Main Event 5  Main Event 6  Wayne Valley Jeopardy  


Reunion Events

  • Friday November 9th, 5-11pm: Meet and Greet at Crowne Plaza (beer and wine tasting) - check with front desk for suite location
  • Friday November 9th, evening: Wayne Valley HS Football game - starts at 7 pm
  • Saturday November 10th, 11am: Tour of Wayne Valley HS
  • Saturday November 10th, 7pm+ : Main Event at the Crowne Plaza (arrive after 6pm for photos)
      Who's came to the reunion:  Attendees 

Reunion Committee participants
  • Annette Lauber Casey (weekend activities) 
  • Barbara Morgenfruh Leber (weekend activities, high school outreach) 
  • Barbara Schiffman (food, venue, meeting organizer) 
  • Bob Peschel (host of Wayne Valley jeopardy!) 
  • Brian Gordon (treasurer, venue and hotel) 
  • Cheryl Greenland Blekicki (publicity) 
  • Gerry Wade (classmate tracking, website/facebook) 
  • Robin Becker Bronk (memorials) 
  • Rosemary Calendrillo O'Neill (music, accommodations, venue) 
  • Tracy Walker (decorations, reception preparations, phone calls) 
  • Helene Pier, Janice Besso Tamecki, Robin Titmas Larkin, Bernadette Scibetta, (phone calls) ;


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